August 9, 2019
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Top 8 freelance jobs while at Uni

Who doesn’t dream of earning a side income while studying? Freelancing makes it possible, and you can do it with your expertise or exploring new passions.

Working as a freelancer needs to start somewhere. Freelancing during your studies can be an amazing opportunity to test the freelancing waters, make a few mistakes without too many consequences, help feel more confident after graduating and potentially earning a lot more than working hundreds of hours in a local coffee shop.

Some freelance jobs can be more profitable than others, allowing you to meet both your study and project deadlines on time.

Content writing

How much do you like writing? You have enough writing on your hands with your studies, but if you have a knack for it, it may be a great source of extra cash while studying.

Students with a penchant for penmanship can try their hand at freelance copywriting. Startups and product-focused businesses regularly require writers to create marketing content. Editorial writing is oft sought after for online and print magazines too.

Blog writing

If you are a journalism student or simply enjoy writing and blogging, you could look for freelance jobs as a blog writer. Though you will gain useful experience, you should also expect to not be credited for all the content you write. But, on a positive note, freelance writing gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of schedule, and the opportunities in this field are huge. You could also write blog posts for small businesses or individuals who will pay to get good content for their websites.


Editing and sub-editing roles are ideal for all students with a good eye for detail and excellent fact-checking skills. Editing jobs may be less time-consuming than content writing roles. Again, having this experience will be a good starting point for your future career, providing good preparation for a wide range of communications-based roles.


Turn your bi-lingual skills into cold hard cash. If you’re well versed in more than one language, getting into translation is one of the most obvious ways that you can make some extra money on the side.  Language skills are important in all industries, especially in the creative sector, so having a few years of translation under your belt will be a major plus. It also looks great on your CV should you need to write one of those in the future!


Designers skills are in high demand! Are you studying Graphic Design, UX/UI, Motion Graphics? Freelancing in design is a fantastic way to learn about the industry whilst earning extra cash. Students can find freelance opportunities at small design companies or startups that’ll be happy to provide work while the student also works on their degree.


Freelance photography can be a very rewarding extra cash for budding photographers and creatives. Students can look into taking photographs for the university blog, personal projects or course work to build up a portfolio. Once that’s in the bag and you’ve got a sense of your style, you’re ready to start applying for freelance photographer jobs across different industries.

Social media specialist

Companies pay freelancers to make their social networking profiles sparkle. You’ll be responsible for making posts, interacting with people, and making social media profiles stand out above the rest. It’s both an easy and a hard job at the same time, with a lot of time spent on social media. If you can handle it, it’s a good opportunity, it pays the bills and it looks good on resumes.

Website developer

Everyone who has a business wants to establish their presence online, and website developing offers great opportunities for freelance developers. If you are good at developing simple websites that are suited for small businesses, you can earn steady money by selling your website designs. Nowadays, with the help of open source codes for incorporating e-commerce capability, you can even sell these websites to local businesses.


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