Digital PR Manager – Public Relations – £250 / 289 Euros per day

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Posted on July 6, 2022


Project description

About the Role

The role is a freelance position for a France, Swizerland or Belgian based PR expert. The role would be for the equivalent of 1 day a week at 289 Euros.

The client is a chalet rental specialist in the French Alps. You will work as part of our agencies PR team and be responsible for speaking to journalists and pitching them our content in native French, across French, Belgium & Swiss publications.

Day to day you will:

  • find prospective journalists that fit our creative brief
  • find their email and social account information
  • create a relationship with them and email them with ideas
  • be able to write and talk with French journalists in their native language
  • pitch into creative ideation sessions with the creative team to come up with cool concepts and ideas for campaigns
  • support the data team in order to find interesting data points to supplement the press releases
  • translations for data points, tool copy & blog copy
  • keep up to date with industry news and trends that we can use in client campaigns
  • report to the consultants the coverage that has been achieved


You should be experienced in emailing journalists and writing press releases you should be able to show examples of news articles you have been able to get your clients in.

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