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  • Arkadiy

    QA Automation Engineer

    8 years experience 0 projects worked 40CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    I am a seasoned Test Engineer with over 8 years of hands-on experience in ensuring the quality and reliability of software applications. My expertise spans various domains, including finance, healthcare, and government projects. Throughout my career, I have developed a strong proficiency in designing and implementing comprehensive test strategies, leading to the successful delivery of high-quality products.
  • Emilie

    Community builder - création d'une communauté engagée autour de votre marque / produit

    7 years experience 0 projects worked 90CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    Fondatrice du premier réseau pour femmes entrepreneures en Suisse – GENUINE WOMEN SARL, je mets mon expertise au profit de votre projet.  Comptant plus de 800 membres actifs et une communauté de 20000 personnes engagées, GENUINE est présent dans 10 villes de Suisse depuis 2017. J’ai développé une expertise dans la création de communauté aussi appelé le marketing de tribu que j’aime transmettre et mettre à profit des marques qui souhaitent offrir une expérience forte et différente à leur clients.…
  • Roman

    Multimedia Producer

    5 years experience 0 projects worked 100CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    Multimedia Producer with years of experience in the videoproduction industry (editing, shooting, planning). I have created countless videos for satisfied clients in the field of corporate, commercial and animation.
  • Livio

    Developer - CTO on demand

    12 years experience 0 projects worked 125CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    Often, in my sector (tech companies), IT is perceived as a black box. To the uninitiated, developers spend their days writing 0s and 1s, and the result is something similar to dark magic. This situation leads to fragmentation within the company’s various departments, particularly between management and technical operations. My role is to act as a central pivot capable of harmonizing these elements, thanks to my ability to grasp the company’s requirements and vision, while at the same time having…
  • Maxim

    Full Stack Developer

    5 years experience 0 projects worked 20CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    My name is Maxim, 24 years old, and I’ve just graduated from computer science. Looking for my first job, I decided to go with web development, since I understand that it is impossible to succeed in almost any business without some online presence. Hence I know the opportunities are there and will stay there. But I am not one who would opt for freelancing, since I do not enjoy that part of the job–looking for clients, doing marketing, keeping books.…
  • Anthony

    Management Consultant & PMO

    16 years experience 0 projects worked 250CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    Management Consultant & PMO with more 15+ years of experience.
  • Heloisa


    6 years experience 0 projects worked 20CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    I’m a Digital Designer with years of experience in Social Media, Graphic Design, Marketing Media, and UI, UX, and Product Design. I can help you create social media advertising for you or your company, Facebook, Intaragam, and other social media posts, covers, and images. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss how we can work together.
  • Juozas

    Project manager/Product Owner

    14 years experience 0 projects worked Non-certified freelancer
    I am passionate about solving problems, improving processes, and delivering value to the business and the customers. I leverage my expertise in Camunda BPM, business process automation, and user acceptance testing to ensure the quality and efficiency of the solutions we provide. I also believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration, and I strive to inspire and empower the teams I work with to reach new heights of success. My mission is to unleash our full potential and create…
  • Sivarchan


    1 year experience 0 projects worked 30CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    Masters in IT, Digitalization and sustainability 
  • Daniele


    30 years experience 0 projects worked 350CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    Business Development Executive with over 30 years of experience in Beauty and Personal Care, driven by a mission to redefine and revolutionise the essence of beauty for both consumers and businesses. Core strengths lie in concept and product development, with a proven track record of consistently delivering results across diverse B2C-consumer and B2B-service businesses. Committed to creating innovative business development strategies by leveraging a deep passion for the beauty industry and an intimate understanding of consumer trends, and Developed and Emerging Beauty and…
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