How It Works: Freelancer

How It Works: Freelancer

1. Create your unique profile

Sign up and create your unique freelance profile that will set you apart.

The more complete your profile is, the more employers you will attract.

Create your profile
Apply to projects you like

2. Apply for projects you like

ZebraSkill is a great place to find new customers. Browse projects thanks to categories.

Make an offer to the projects you want to tackle and describe why you’re the one for the job. Only the employer can see your application.

3. Work with peace of mind

You will never work for free. ZebraSkill secures payment at the beginning of the project.

Keep the employer in the loop on your progress or ask any questions you may have through the workspace.

Depending on the length of the project, you may request intermediate payments.

Work with peace of mind
Mission accomplished

4. Mission accomplished

You will be notified when the employer marks the project as finished.

ZebraSkill takes care of the billing. You can be paid in less than a week and start focusing on your next project.

5. Fee structure

The base fee is 10%. However, if you were to work for the same client, ZebraSkill charges a sliding fee based on the freelancer's lifetime billings with a specific client. In other words, the more business you have with a client, the less fees you’ll pay.

The fees work like this:

  • 10% for the first CHF 10’000 billed with the same client
  • 8% for billings with the same client between CHF 10’000.01 and CHF 30’000
  • 7% for lifetime billings with the same client that exceed CHF 30’000

We encourage you to work multiple times with the same client via ZebraSkill and gain visibility for other projects and expand your clients’ base.

fee structure