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  • Bianca

    0 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés Non-certified freelancer
  • Benedikt

    BizDev champion

    30 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés 250CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    BizDev – time-limited sales & marketing management Manage your way out of the covid crisis and develop sales potential beyond your imagination ! B2b business development for mid-size companies to get to the next level of sales. Advisory and operational role for implementation of: Resolving crisis issues Development of coherent international expansion plans Development and alignment of multinational sales channels Identification, selection and contracting of local partners Establishment of operational subsidiaries Marketing budget allocation System implementation (CRM, Value Based Pricing,…
  • Gaetan

    Analyst, project manager, MBA

    20 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés 95CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    After more than 20 years of professional experience in the army and industries, and after having meet numerous of business managers and apply for hundreds of opportunities, I have made the following observations: • I do not fit into the right boxes for standard jobs. • I deliver the best in unknown and challenging environment • I need to be in an environment with space and creativitySo, if you are facing an issue, if you need someone to develop something…
  • Done

    Software Engineer

    5 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés Non-certified freelancer
    I am web developer and graphic designer. I have been successfully working with more than 3000 customers all over the world. 
  • Françoise

    Übersetzungskoordinatorin - Kundesupport - Syst. Coach und Beraterin

    35 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés 80CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    Ich bin sehr präzis. Habe eine Vorliebe für Sprachen DE/FR/IT/EN. Sprachen sind für mich wie Pflanzen, die man jeden Tag pflegen muss. Ich unterstütze gerne Menschen. Selbständigkeit ist mir wichtig. Ich bin flexibel. Und ja, jung geblieben und sportlich unterwegs. Ich habe arbeite gerne in einem Team ob jung oder alt. Offen und spontan.  Bin MS-office sattelfest. Ich lerne gerne und schnell was neues.
  • Maria

    Web developement

    2 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés 25CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    I’m a Designer, and IT graduated, with my own design company, and we also work with Digital Marketing. I love making design projects and build websites, i see as a plasure not a work. I’m here to find new experiences and earn some money doing what I love. I have a lot of experience building websites and design projects, creating by wordpress, its simply easy and i love it, i can create websites, landing pages, and websitesite plataforms .
  • Nicolas

    Mobile Developer - iOS / Android

    6 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés 40CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
  • Joana

    IT Business Analyst

    3 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés Non-certified freelancer
    I’m driven by results and a team player. I believe that most projects or organizational problems can be solved through transparent and honest needs and expectations dialogue. I have been part of some IT projects, mainly project and production management tools, as an IT Business Analyst and Product Owner. I’ve mapped processes, collected needs, translated them into requirements and all other tasks that would allow us to have a working platform or systems (except for development) and then I would…
  • Sarah

    Digital Marketing Manager/ Specialist

    10 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés 45CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist, delivering creative and engaging solutions across brand identity, content, website and social media platforms. I assist businesses in producing high quality content and digital marketing advertising campaigns that meet their marketing and sales objectives which will ultimately increase their bottom line, doing so whilst being completely self-managed. I create and manage campaigns in both French and English
  • Bence

    Webdeveloper - Creative creator

    8 années d'expérience 0 projets complétés 30CHF/hrNon-certified freelancer
    I’m working as a freelancer here in Switzerland, and live with my lovely wife in Pratteln (BL), who also manages a swiss online shop. My passion is to help companies to get more results from their online performance. From creating websites, making stunning videos, developing your e-commerce store, or social media ads, I’ll be here for you. As a Director of Marketing for many years, I have to take care of our marketing team, product development, and marketing strategy on…
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