About Us

About Us

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ZebraSkill was born from the most simple and obvious observation: talents of today are independent!

We therefore created a unique platform that connects companies with the most qualified freelancers in Switzerland, in order to democratize the access to these local talents all-embracing their human and professional competencies.

It’s our mission to respond to a fundamental trend which is the transformation of the way we work, such as those millennials who thrive in a flexible and variable work environment; or these seniors, full of experience, who sometimes struggle to reintegrate the work environment, but actually represent tremendous resources for businesses. Making themselves known and finding clients are often challenges that slow down the freelancers of tomorrow. ZebraSkill is here to solve this and bring talents to the forefront!

We must also support these companies, evolving every day in a more and more competitive environment that forces them to reinvent themselves, and for whom the pursuit of talents becomes a priority. We give them access to new tools to collaborate instantly and easily with talents around them, without the overhead and the slowness of the traditional hiring system. ZebraSkill empowers companies to realize the craziest projects and to approach the future serenely!

The job market is moving, ZebraSkill helps you to move with it!

Easy & Fast

Everything has been designed to make freelancers' hire easy and fast. The collaboration will be even more efficient thanks to our workspace.

Swiss made

We value local skills because proximity is key to success. Switzerland is also home of leading academics and most added value industries, forming the best talents every year.


Here’s the richest variety of skills you can find in Switzerland. Talent has never been so accessible.

Why the Zebra ?


The zebra is an animal of numerous skills, in which many similarities with freelancers can be observed. Indeed, every zebra has a unique pattern of black and white stripes, just like every freelancer has a unique set of competencies and expertise. Although known for being a social animal, the zebra has never been truly domesticated by the human, relating very much to the freelancers’ pursuit of independence and autonomy in their professional projects. Finally, the zebra is praised for having a great stamina, used to outrun predators, an essential characteristic for every freelancer to guarantee the projects are delivered on time!

Need help ?

Whether you are a company or a freelancer, our team will be happy to help you and explain how you can make the most of ZebraSkill.

Some numbers!


of companies

say they're struggling to find candidates for their vacancies.


of young workers

believe freelancing is a viable alternative to fixed jobs.


of indpendent workers

have never been happier in their work and are more available for their families and friends!

Talents of today are independant